Sunday, May 6, 2012

The TD Bank's Five Boro Bike Tour

By Ryan Ngala

[Central Park, New York]
What if you can imagine riding a bike during an outdoor experience at central park and as you see many people with bicycles riding it as fast as they possibly can. Well, that is when I look and I saw many cyclists taking a ride on their bikes as they enjoy themselves having a good time loving it.

The company TD Bank was proudly to be presenting it's Five Boro Bike Tour an amazing event that more than 32,000 cyclists to prepare & compete in the America's largest cycling event in the country that takes good exercising for those who would want to ride a bike as I walk to central park north on 110th street I saw many riding their bikes when I took a picture on my iPod touch after that I got a chance to see them ride a 40 mile course race it started all the way to battery park as they ride for four boroughs.

As I seen the bike tour myself I would wonder if I had a bike that I could race with as many could compete in an ultimate bike course what if I could win I thought to myself but best wishes to all of the cyclists so off they went to continue riding toward the finish line. But so far as they took their bike to pump up their wheels, had a bottle of water they where off and ready to go.

But so far as the race continues to be in tip top shape many people where ready to get themselves speed up as they got there to be in it to win it.

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