Monday, May 28, 2012

The Etan Patz Case: The Man Who Killed Etan Patz Confessed By Police

Etan Patz | Pedro Hernandez who confessed By Police that he admits to killed Etan Patz

By Ryan Ngala

During this kind of tragedy of a 6-year old boy that was never going to be seen by their parents on the date of Friday May 25, 1979, when he was going to school by himself as he was last seen at 8 a.m. now during an on going investigation by the NYPD police to find out who was responsible for the murdering of Etan Patz to bring justice and peace on behalf of Etan Patz’s Parents.

After years of talking, gossiping & confessing to the people he did admit to strangled a 6-year old child during a 1979 murder disappearance of Etan Patz he was taken into custody Thursday during a drive away car with his wife and daughter Rosemary and Becky but other than that the police still need enough evidence to prove that Pedro Hernandez is the man responsible for Etan Patz or otherwise it will be very hard for the police to track clues they might as well take Mr. Hernandez word for it.

But now police are also keeping on track to seek the remains of where the body of Etan Patz has been ended up but during a press conference NYPD commissioner Ray Kelly which he describes as Pedro Hernandez as a person of interest where he worked as a clerk on a former bodega store during the May 25th, 1979 incident of the disappearance for Etan Patz who insists to choke him to death after promising him for a can of soda not knowing that Etan Patz who will still live in 1979 will be last day living on this earth and whether the body would’ve be found it could and still be possible.

The  residents who know Pedro Hernandez as a quiet, unfriendly person but they also him as the eye of the killer and he apologize to Stan and Julie Patz for murdering their unarmed child as it hope to bring justice and peace for their lost of a loving child who they missed dearly but seeing that now their beloved child is gone they are now seeking for revenge but not knowing that this isn’t over but it’s only just the beginning of this long and difficult way for the parents of Etan Patz as the case still continues from hear on. 

Friday, May 25, 2012

The Etan Patz Case: 33 Years Later

By Ryan Ngala

[Soho, New York] It was 33 years ago when Etan Patz was vanished at the scene from a former bodega store after he leaves his home to go to school now Etan Patz’s parents demands answers of where was his son, where could he be, back in 1979 where he was murder when Patz’s parents still had no clue where he was and that’s where the police officers had caught up to him.

On May the 25th of this year marks the death anniversary of the mystery disappearance of Etan Patz when he was just 6-years old, as the residents from Soho was in shocked that just a sweet innocent little boy could have never died so young as police officers where searching and looking for clues that can find any evidence involving in the disappearance of Etan Patz but just then sign of the posters that read “Still Missing Lost Child Etan Patz” that was missing since Friday May 25th, 1979, and now the same Friday of May the 25th of this year in 2012 the police has caught their man responsible for murdering 6-year old Etan Patz his name was Pedro Hernandez a 51-year old man who now police lured the child “With the promise of a beverage for a soda and led him to the basement of a former bodega store and strangled him there” said Police Commissioner Ray Kelly. Where he put Etan’s body in a bag took it about a block and a half away and left it “with the trash” Kelly said.

Police arrested Mr. Hernandez at his home in Maple Shade, New Jersey, where his wife Rosemary, and daughter, Becky, yesterday drive away after he was taken into custody for the Etan Patz mysterious disappearance has changed New York city forever and that justice has been done for the parents of Etan Patz, Stan and Julie Patz after the news broke this story, Pedro Hernandez who was charged with second-degree murder after yesterday’s arrest of the of the married New Jersey dad native who was 18 years old when Etan was killed.

But as the evidence was being file by the police officers it stills seem so sure that this kind they are still looking for other people that where being involved and there names where José Ramos and a second possible suspect Othniel Miller, now 75 emerged last month.

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Will Smith talks about slapping reporter who kissed him

Will Smith talks to David Letterman about the slapped heard around the world
"What the hell is your problem buddy" said Smith slapping the reporter on his face.

Will Smith was on the Moscow red carpet last week for "Men in Black 3" when an interview with an Ukrainian reporter took an unexpected turn when a reporter kiss Smith on the left and right cheek and that is when Smith pushes back and said to him "Come on man, what the hell is your problem buddy" the video of the slap incident soon when viral and Smith defended his actions on Tuesday night while appearing on the late night show with David Letterman.
“It just award David” said Smith as he talked about the incident, but so far no one was hurt.

But by the way Men In Black 3 is in theaters tomorrow

Monday, May 21, 2012


By Ryan Ngala

[Central Park, New York] It's a beautiful gorgeous day in central park despite how the weather it is many people from different organizations of teams came here to join the biggest & most crowded event of a lifetime.
At the starting point of the process many of people gather the line to start registering for the event and started to pick and look for their teams while many people started walking I was starting to look for the Alpha Nu Omega Sorority, Inc.- New York Alumni Chapter team as I spotted and found Nina alongside with their friends who their names were Medjhy, Rhema and Cassandra they ate some almonds and drank a bottle of water we took some pictures as we headed our way to the starting line of the aids walk in central park we took plenty of walks as I started to stop for refreshments as some of the volunteers from the aids walk crew gave me two bananas, a bottle of water and a granola box.
After that Nina and her group started walking all the way down to central park and 96th street then all the way down as we continue to walk some more as we listen to One Direction's "What Makes You Beautiful" and many others song on the radio as we got all the way to 110th Street and 7th Avenue.
When Nina and her friends left I decided to walk up the block as many people walk I ask 3 people to answer some questions starting with Tico Santigo, Mary Hidajat & Monica Johnson since it is their first time being in the aids walk I started to begin asking.
Ryan Ngala: Why Is It Important to prevent this kind of disease from happening in our body?
Tico Santigo: To stay alive & enjoy life more
Mary Hidajat: Because it's a type of a devasting disease that impacts many lives of people
Ryan Ngala: What should we not do to have the disease from attracting other people?
Tico Santigo: Safe Sex & Be cautious of what you do
Mary Hidajat: Practice Safe Sex
Ryan Ngala: Describe 3 words in what does the aids walk event mean to you?
Tico Santingo: Unity, everybody is together for one reason
Mary Hidajat: Awareness, Inspiring & Community
Monica Johnson: Important, Inspiring & Appreciation
Many people started to walk on the 7th Avenue side on 110th Street then on Manhattan Avenue, Columbus Avenue, Broadway as soon as they get all the way to 110th Street & Riverside Drive so we started walking to stop by and got some snacks once they did that we see some people wearing Aladdin costumes so that the people started to take some pictures with them then we walk back all the way up to 85th Street at Riverside Drive then at West End Av, going to broadway, Columbus Avenue, Amsterdam Avenue as we got back to the west side at Central Park & 85th Street we walk all the way to 72nd street but we was none done yet after all that walking I still felt like I wanted to go home all the aids walk volunteers kept on cheering and supporting for us no matter how much it takes for us to get into the finish line and there was still one more mile left to go after it was all said and done many people where back at the finish line as they completed a 10 kilometer mile once they deserve a certificate for their completion of the course.
After they finish they were some refreshment for Turkey Hill ice cream of Frozen Yogurt Fudge Ripple as some of the people had all headed home for the day this was a fun day event for me I should say as I went all around through central park and completed my certificate.

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Aids Walk To Be Schedule On Sunday


By Ryan Ngala

Is that time of year again once as the aids walk New York is set to be held at the 5th Avenue Central Park at 59th Street that will start and end right back to central park as many people will be so excited as it ends the awareness for people who died or infected because of aids and many organizations will come to walk for a beautiful weather we are going to be having ahead of us, this organization is being presented by Duane Reade™ as the event will be held in May 20, 2012. So mark your calendars for this very special announcement.

Sunday, May 6, 2012

The TD Bank's Five Boro Bike Tour

By Ryan Ngala

[Central Park, New York]
What if you can imagine riding a bike during an outdoor experience at central park and as you see many people with bicycles riding it as fast as they possibly can. Well, that is when I look and I saw many cyclists taking a ride on their bikes as they enjoy themselves having a good time loving it.

The company TD Bank was proudly to be presenting it's Five Boro Bike Tour an amazing event that more than 32,000 cyclists to prepare & compete in the America's largest cycling event in the country that takes good exercising for those who would want to ride a bike as I walk to central park north on 110th street I saw many riding their bikes when I took a picture on my iPod touch after that I got a chance to see them ride a 40 mile course race it started all the way to battery park as they ride for four boroughs.

As I seen the bike tour myself I would wonder if I had a bike that I could race with as many could compete in an ultimate bike course what if I could win I thought to myself but best wishes to all of the cyclists so off they went to continue riding toward the finish line. But so far as they took their bike to pump up their wheels, had a bottle of water they where off and ready to go.

But so far as the race continues to be in tip top shape many people where ready to get themselves speed up as they got there to be in it to win it.

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

'Angry Birds Space' downloaded 50 million times


By Ryan Ngala

Turns out ‘Angry Birds Space’ has been downloaded 50 million times.

That’s occurring to game developer Rovio Entertainment

Angry Birds Space has been downloaded 50 million times in the last 35 days since the game initial launched on Google Play, iTunes App Store and on the PC & Mac as well.

The new game adds a lot more to the franchise game play by focusing on how to trajectories are affected by zero gravity and the gravity created by planetoids.

Angry Birds Space launched with 60 levels and just received 10 more free levels for iPhone and Android users.

50 million is a lot of downloads no word yet on how many pigs had been struck down by angry birds.