Wednesday, August 10, 2011

HCZ 17th Annual Peace March 2011

HCZ 17th Annual Peace March 2011: Celebrating 17 Years Of Peace & Harmony By Ryan Ngala

[Harlem, New York] The start of the Harlem children's zone peace march rally begins in a hour @ 5:00pm and just as the start of it all celebrating 10 years of their peace & love in the community in the heart of Harlem.

As the C.S.O crew where starting to be on their way to stop by @ 134th street & Adam clayton Powell Jr Boulevard as all of the staff & students from other HCZ sites such as The Employment & Technology Center, Truce, Countee Cullen Community Center, Project Class & Truancy Prevention, Learn To Earn & many more in total of 24.

The HCZ staff & students continues to patiently wait as they are ready to go to start marching as peace sign posters and especially banners where hang up just so that everyone can see it, so as the peace march rally begin everybody started walking and chanting at the same time that brought a lot of excitement to the HCZ site crew as they finally stop by at the Harlem armory just to get inside.

As they get started to start the HCZ Peace March ceremony they started calling their first presenters but there's many more HCZ sites just to call from as they where many performers such as from rapping & singing and as the kids had gotten themselves a very good time on the stage.


By Ryan Ngala
RTN NEWS Digital Reporter

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Tuesday, May 31, 2011

My Trip To Governor's Island

During Our weekend trip to Governor's Island me & my family had a great time we had our very own pinic as we ate watermelon that my mom had cut for us and as the siblings who were having a great time they were climbing on the sculpture model and that i had to literally wait for Florence while she was standing on my shoulder and i had to hold her without her falling herself down, well it was a fun day for me

Sunday, May 15, 2011

The Aids Walk New York 2011

By Ryan Ngala

[Central Park-New York]

As many people gather together for the biggest event of the day as the aids walk begin @ 7:00 am - 3:00pm as it depends how many people could keep up the pace in time.

Many People had to sign up to get in, while as many people just started walking as many supporters has started to cheering them on it was a 6.2 mile as they started to walk west across 110th street as they cut across just to bring them right back on 86th or 83rd Street @ central park west.

While as many people had started to enjoy themselves with lots of chanting, lots of dancing & more excitement as many t-shirts where hanging out & especially cardboards.