Saturday, April 7, 2012

The "Good Friday" Service Praises At BGA

By Ryan Ngala

[Harlem, New York] The bethel gospel assembly are getting ready as they gear up for one of the biggest gospel service held in the church where they will be allot of singing, dancing and rejoicing for the Lord for an amazing and incredible performance ever to bring by the words of life and shining light junior choir here at bethel and also with the one accord dance ministry to bring the dancing steps to their feet as they celebrate their love for Jesus.

When the service has started Elder Mark Williams deliver an opening welcome to all visitors who came to bethel gospel assembly including an prayer as the Words of life choir sings "Lord, I Love You" that goes a little something like this "Lord I Love You (3x) More Than Anything, Lord I Need You (3x) More Than Anything" and so as they started singing that they did a round clap as they sit down. 

During the ending of the song the one accord dance ministry in the Donnie McClurkin's Song "Who Would've Thought" after the performance was over the Shining Light Junior Choir sing the song of "So Was I" and the lights had brighten on the young girl who had steal the show the song she did was so amazing so as many of the plays that where being acted during the show I saw the cross as it was being portrait to show how Jesus died for our sins but what was the best part of the service was that the words of life choir sing a song called "Marvelous" that can lift up our hearts whenever Jesus is there to guide us in every struggle we all are in. 

So the service that was being held in the church was so awesome as the event was being called "At The Cross" A Celebration of the passion of calvary as it was one of the best good Friday service that the people have ever been to.